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    Truck wrecking can be disheartening as well as can put your long term investment go below the line. It costs a good amount of dollars to own one and a heavy heart to work hard towards paying the debt. It is more heartbreaking when it gets to you in a totally unprepared mental state where you would have expected a few more years of longevity.

    For most truck owners, the truck is their principal bread and butter and losing that resource can be a costly driven affair along with emotional and mental. For some truck owners, the vehicle gets wrecked in a point of time where even the debt is not fully paid to the actual owner or is still struggling each day to pay the puffs in as many divisions or halves as possible. And for other few, the truck meets with an accident while transiting the goods from one place to another, making it a huge loss for the client as well as them, with almost no recovery amount.

    The insurance company comes to the rescue but only pays the basic damage amount and not post maintenance cost, which gets higher with each passing day. The life-span of wrecked trucks are almost negligible.

    To help the truck owners during these difficult times, we came up with trucking wrecking services where we take your wrecked truck with us free of cost in exchange for the current monetary value of the truck, handing the money to you on the spot without any hassle.

    Truck Wreckers Melbourne

    No Obligation Truck Wrecking Valuation: Here’s how it works

    • Contact us through our online or offline medium and book an appointment for evaluating the condition of the truck. You can even send us some pictures of your wrecked cars to help us understand the condition.

    • Our team of experts come to your place and go through quality checks of the vehicle.

    • Once clean chit as per the Australian rules, we sign a mutual agreement within ourselves and proceed with the payments on the spot.

    • Once you receive the payment, we take your wrecked car with us free of charge, leaving you all happy and satisfied.

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