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    Everything needs a shelter and so does your car. It has emotions too.

    The car you once pampered and nurtured with full dignity, love and respect, is now lying around somewhere untouched, uncalled and without purpose. This is not something it expects from you.

    Metals have always been close to our hearts and we know how they exactly feel. For that, we started with a purpose to foster the needy cars. We give shelter to those hearty metals that once enjoyed their pride in their young times and can still come back fiercely if developed or parented in a new way by using new and modern technology.

    It helped you well in your journey now it’s time for you to support in return. If you are not sure enough to take care of your car on a daily basis or weekly basis or far away monthly basis, you should either hand it over to someone who can use it and pet it like you once did or donate it to our car shelter home in exchange of monetary value.

    Your tot would be in good hands and you can trust us for this. The path is effortless and trouble -free as long as we are with you.

    Car Removal

    How Does Our Junk Car Removal Service Work?

    • You go through our car removal services and call us to avail one through booking an
    • Our expert comes to your door steps or the place where your car is resting with a heavy heart.
    • Our expert runs a quality check to check the current condition of your car.
    • We take a few minutes for valuation and come up with a car removal price.
    • With mutual agreement, we sign the contract and pay you right there for your car
    • We take your car at our shelter house without further charges. The minute to sign the agreement, the entire responsibility of the car is on us there onwards.

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