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Have you met anyone who enjoys getting old and having to visit the hospital regularly? It’s the same when it’s about your car that’s getting old and has to visit the garage for frequent repairs. It’s a strong sign that it needs to be replaced and the lifespan of the vehicle has ended. No matter how experienced the mechanic, the worn out car cannot continue the  journey any further. If you want to sell off your old car, we at Power Car Removal deal in all types of old, junk and unwanted cars.

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Our old cars, having spent a long time with us, grow on us and we get attached to them over time. However difficult it seems to get rid of your old car, it needs to be admitted that it does need a replacement. Even if you are ready to bear the repair cost for years to come, after a certain time, even repairs won’t make it any better. One fine day you might find yourself stuck midway during important work. To avoid such situations in future, it’s time to act now and get it exchanged. We at Power Car Removal take all types of old cars, vans and trucks.

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The process is as follows:

  • You make up your mind to finally sell your junk car
  • You call us and book an appointment for its evaluation process
  • Our experts come to your place and check every minute detail of the car and come up with the final report
  • Based on the report, we decide on the exchange price.
  • After fair negotiation and discussion, you are handed over the fixed price in cash on the spot.

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Every company out there promises to take away your junk car and give you credit in return. Power Car Removal is one of the only companies that promises to pay cash on the spot, post evaluation.

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To remove your old junk car, kindly call us on 0450 900 246 for a free quote or email us at for more information.

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