What documents should I provide during the car removal process?

We will need the paper of ownership, driver license copy, Keys, registration papers and any other docs for transfer.

I am not the owner of the car should I on behalf of my friend or family member?

Sure, you can but you need to provide the owners concern, a signed paper copy to operate on behalf of them.

Do I have to clean or prepare my car for collection?

No just make sure to collect all your personal belongings. Do we need to do all the paperwork? No, we will help you to fill out all the paperwork when collecting the car.

Do you sell car parts or engines?

Yes we do depending on the availability

Where would my car get picked up?

The dispatch or tow driver will call the cell number we have on file to confirm a pickup date. When they’ve verbally agreed a time with you they’ll turn up at that time, ensure the vehicle VIN matches the title VIN, turn you where to sign the document, pay you, and then tow the vehicle away.

Do I have to physically meet the tow truck driver?

Yes, you have to be there in person to sign the title and collect the money. Whoever is named as the owner on the title has to meet the tow driver at pick up time.

Can I reschedule a pick-up time?

Absolutely. Once the dispatch and tow driver contact you, you will have their number. If you need to reschedule please reach out and let them know via phone call or text. If there are traffic problems or truck trouble, our drivers will reach out and let you know if there is a timing issue. We ask all of our customers to do the same and be courteous and communicate with the driver if there is a scheduling problem.

Do I need to do anything to prepare my vehicle for transport?

Just ensure that your vehicle is fully operational at the time of shifting. Simple checklist like tires, brakes, engine is operational, there is some fuel in the car in case it needs to be driven, remove personal belongings etc. Also ensure to check that you remove any loose objects and take note of any dents/damage etc on the vehicle.

Do you buy vehicles that are in good driving condition?

Yes we buy vehicles that are in good driving conditions and we pay you more cash for vehicles in good driving condition.