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Are regular updates on your Honda car putting a dent in your account?

The automobile industry is one of the market’s biggest and fastest-developing customer segments. It holds a remarkable 7.1 per cent share of GDP which is a very significant number in the world. The industry reported a staggering 14.78 per cent increase in revenue figures relative to the previous fiscal year in the 2017-2018 fiscal year!

As a result of the indulgence and engagement displayed by the consumers, manufacturers are bringing in increased investments in this business. By actively updating their product range they are responding to the participation of the people. Whether it’s new car releases, regular upgrades to current vehicles or the successful adoption of the latest technologies, in recent times car makers are giving it their all. As per the developments witnessed in this decade, a current car on the market gets as often as 3 years or less a major face-lift/update or a brand new model in.

How does this affect you as a car owner?

The main effect of this phenomenon is on the valuation of your old vehicle. The demand for the existing variant naturally decreases when manufacturers launch a new car or updated model into the market. That has a dramatic impact on the price of your old vehicle.

What next?

You can act swiftly and start by looking out for ways of selling your Honda car. At power car removal, you tell us what your vehicle’s make, model, year and condition is. In two minutes you will be given a free quote to get the car out. When the quote pleases you, just check your address and a precise date. We’ll be there on your phone in an hour, or any day you want. We come to you, test your vehicle’s health, work on the quote and in return pass money to you at the location.

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